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Astropolitics: the Human Relationship to Space

The mission of the Astropolitics Institute is to develop and advance the discipline of astropolitics, which encompasses the complex dynamics of the human relationship to the space enterprise. As the leading source of research, education, and advocacy for the field, we seek to foster the peaceful and ethically conscious exploration and development of space, supporting human evolution as a spacefaring species for the betterment of both humanity and the global environment. The Astropolitics Institute serves as the institutional home for the peer-reviewed journal, Astropolitics, which started in 2003 and has published the world's cutting-edge astropolitical research and discourse since then.

The field of Astropolitics emerged in 2001 as a theoretical framework and model of the dynamics of space security and power, policy, and strategy as applied to geopolitics. Since then, the field developed to include civil, commercial, private, military, and intelligence space activities worldwide addressing historical, strategic, political, bureaucratic, organizational, governance, environmental, legal, economic, commercial, business, entrepreneurial, social, and cultural factors.


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    A free online dialogue series hosted by the Astropolitics Institute 1st & 3rd Tuesdays at 6PM EST

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